If you've visited a supermarket or similar retail outlet recently, chances are you've run into a Davis Merchandising Group associate. In fact, you might have thought that representative was a store employee because we're in stores so often. Part of this is due to the fact that we employ one of the industry's largest sales forces. Part of it is because we deploy that force in innovative ways that offer the greatest sales potential for our clients. For example, we have dedicated coverage by trade class and a dedicated fresh foods team. Our territories are small, our sales force is focused and our goals are clear:
  • To make each sales rep a familiar and trusted resource at each individual store and to enable each to be an expert on his or her specific retailer.
  • To visit stores more frequently so that we can promote our clients' products more often and keep them top-of-mind.
  • To be in stores for longer periods of time so we can spot and correct voids and out-of-stocks, ensure plan-o-gram compliance and make sure new items get on the shelves and into customers' hands as soon as they arrive.
  • After all, if most buying decisions are made at the shelf, that's where we need to spend our time and resources! Davis Merchandising Group Sets and Projects (ASAP) provides manpower to client and retailer's surge, service or special project work. Its many services include continuity coverage, home store staffing, new/remodel crews, new item execution, data collection, custom reporting, telemarketing, resets, product recalls, display set up, etc., to a variety of channels: grocery, mass, drug, c-store and specialty.
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