Consulting Services

Consulting Services Our integrated marketing solutions start with a keen understanding of both the consumer and the shopper and their differing attitudes and behaviors. While there are a large variety and number of consumers, it is ultimately the shopper who makes the purchasing decision at the shelf. That's why it's key to understand what influences these shopping decisions across the path to purchase. Combined with our unmatched retailer and brand knowledge, as well as our proprietary analytical models that start with a holistic view of the store to understand the role each category plays in the overall strategy, these insights give us a unique and comprehensive perspective that inspires our creative solutions and helps drive consumer-to-shopper conversion.
Davis Merchandising Group category management and advanced analytical services include:
  • Brand, consumer and shopper research
  • Brand, marketing and sales consulting services
  • Demand forecasting solutions and promotion analysis
  • Supply chain analytics
  • Space management solutions
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